Why keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Get a coach!

So, either because of expense, location or time you can’t find a coach? Remember, YouTube is your friend. One of my favourite vloggers is Badminton Famly who have very kindly given me permission to post some of their work. I like their style; concise, clear and achievable – follow the advice and your game will improve. If you like what you see check out their website

Serves: Get Control Early On

I think some people underestimate the importance of a good quality serve. Remember, it is this that gives you control of the rally and therefore the best chance of winning the point.
I love flick serving in doubles and there are some great tips here. There’s lots of advantages to using this variation occasionally: it puts your opponent off balance, and clears some useful space at the front to exploit if their partner isn’t quick to cover the gap.

And here’s one that you can drop in occasionally – the only problem with it is that you are giving your adversary an opportunity with some tasty angles so be careful when you use it!

Morten Frost says ” ..often do something against what’s in your nature to do”. This is a intriguing video because he advises against the standard routine of targeting your opponents deep backhand side.

Thanks to Anna Rice for giving me permission to post this video

Some great advice here from Anna Rice. Flow like a wave in the water.