Tai Tzu Ying

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I’ve been asking fans for some insights into the wonderful Tai Tzu Ying.

“…OMG where to begin…She is the most delightful player to watch on court, she makes badminton fun, she is so unpredictable you never know where the shuttle is going to land, and her attitude on court is the coolest. She also subverts expectations of what a top player acts like – she doesn’t obsess over records, it doesn’t look like she wants to leave a legacy behind, she hasn’t made badminton her entire life tho it def is a big part of it since she’s been playing it since she was very young…and she is super lovable.” By September

“She is the personification of joy” By MinPlus

“What makes her really click is her rather unusual style for the woman’s game. Whilst almost all women players stick to a template – attrition based – TTY plays a game that is at once fearless, adventurous and a throwback to the days when touch play was the order of the day. Even more incredible considering she comes from the China/Taipei school of badminton, which is based on sticking to a template but focused on extreme efficiency” By Arun Cavale

“Tai Tzu Ying owes a lot to Cheng Shao Chieh – from the unconventional look and the mercurial moods to the controlled craziness in the game and the jaw-dropping repertoire of shots. Had CSC (mysteriously) not opted to leave the arena, she would have ruled the game for a long time” By Oldhand

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“U wanna know about TTY’s teens? She mastered backhand after an injury at 13…The injury at metacarpal made her unable to use her forehand well at that time, so she played backhand more often…It’s said that her father took her to play on badminton courts at small clubs run by badminton lovers everywhere in Taiwan when she was a child. Wanting to win over those skilled (but informal) players, she practiced her deception skills and gained lots of success” By eeye24

From MinPlus

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